Lanjutin Kebun Papah: Week XVII & XVIII

Lama2 rempong yah pake angka romawi gitu? Tapi biarlah, biar beda dan ribet sendiri hahahaha

Ok minggu ini dan minggu lalu, apa yg terjadi.

I am getting a hang of things in the farm.. I’m really sorry for the double week writing. It’s been hectic with the house in Jatiasih almost done and Mom would wanna go back and forth to check the house’s progress. Commuting back and forth is harrrrdd.. so exhausted.

Anyway, dealing with Mom, post-Dad’s gone, is.. challenging. I just need to let this out so it doesn’t become toxic and eating me inside. Nothing major actually, just little things comes one after another before I can completely heal between each other. Just need to keep reminding myself to be patient, that patience has no limit, keep distracting myself when I get to that spiraling down phase. It really didn’t last long if I can recall all of it, I just need to shake off the hour when it broke me to my soul… Breathe, be strong my heart, be still..

Okay I need to distract myself right now, bye for now! CIAO

Writing to share, often times just to remind myself. And I write in Inglish (mixed Indonesian and English). Enjoy!